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raw_avocado: Hello
asciilifeform: hello, raw_avocado . who might you be ?
raw_avocado: Just some random d00d that lurked around for a long time and now, after MP died decided to talk a look at things
raw_avocado: And read a lot of old articles
asciilifeform: raw_avocado: sadly fleanode breakage has destroyed the subjline for #a there. i presume you're aware of the log, though, based on above.
raw_avocado: Yes, i read a bit of them yesturday, and from what i got the log gets chats from 2 places(because of the freenode fiasco?)
asciilifeform: raw_avocado: most of the conv. now is on dulapnet. both it and the legacy fleanode #a are logged synchronously.
asciilifeform: correct.
raw_avocado: I am also syncing TRB as we speak, so will start asking dumb questions soon
asciilifeform: asciilifeform and snsabot are still here largely to receive visitors (such as raw_avocado) . the regular folx are all either on dulapnet or both similarly.
asciilifeform: raw_avocado: don't hesitate to ask, this is the right place.
raw_avocado: So what is this dulap net and how do i move there, then?
asciilifeform: ( more people will answer in realtime if you do the asking on dulapnet, but eventually erryone reads )
asciilifeform: raw_avocado: see thread plz
snsabot: Logged on 2021-06-15 22:06:55 asciilifeform:
raw_avocado: I am not able to connect to it, i am probably doing something wrong
asciilifeform: raw_avocado: what error do you get ?
asciilifeform: (and with what connecting?)
raw_avocado: I am using Limechat, as a client
billymg: raw_avocado: i happen to be using limechat as well, are you trying to connect directly to dulapnet or via ZNC?
raw_avocado: Directly.
billymg: raw_avocado: should be easy then, just make sure you include the fg baud rate as the password in the "Server Password" field
raw_avocado: fg baud rate?
billymg: fuckgoats, asciilifeform's TRNG product
billymg: search around his www and should find a link to the product description page including specs (unless asciilifeform wants to link directly to it)
raw_avocado: Yes, i cam across the product before
raw_avocado: But its still not clear to me how this would help with connecting to the server
asciilifeform: raw_avocado: the pw for the server is the serial baud rate of fg.
asciilifeform: this is largely to keep autospammers off.

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