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trinque: hola BingoBoingo, what humiliation? anyone born in the west in the last 40yrs was born humiliated.
trinque: imho the republican era did much more benefit than harm to my head, given I was 9/10ths of the way mad when I arrived.
trinque: one oughtn't spend too much time on what might've been, indeed.
BingoBoingo: trinque: Mostly the part where the empire and the big parasites eating it decided to fuck themselves to hell in March
BingoBoingo: trinque: Before December 6th, 2017 it did me a lot of good. But while operating in the Spanish language... despite being immersed... I was operating as an incomplete person. Keeping the Peruana around as a friendly NPC was in retrospect a profound mistake.
trinque: the decay is remarkably palpable here, homeless tents everywhere.
BingoBoingo: Just about the same number of homeless here, just less tents.
BingoBoingo discovered just this past Sunday he had never before been angry with someone he was fucking in the Spanish language.
trinque: honestly these days I don't spend much time angry with the person I'm fucking, but I can see 'never' being a serious problem.
trinque: but I'd wager one needs to internalize the language sufficiently to have a good enough model of what to fix or cast away, if working across that boundary
BingoBoingo: It's not been something I've done much of in English, but getting that angry lead me to realize that in Spanish I have roughly the emotional maturity of a three year old in some contexts.
BingoBoingo: It didn't take long after the collapse of the Republic for the Peruana to go full dependa and need to be sent her way.
BingoBoingo: Funny enough, when I sent her off and stopped having her in the apartment three days a week... the quality of my Spanish conversation partners began a rapid climb
trinque: who hasn't had plenty of dipshit girlfriends
trinque: anyway good on ya for ditching the parasite.
BingoBoingo: The anomaly was how long this one lasted. Then pattern recognition shit that would have worked much earlier in English failed to catch the problems in Spanish
BingoBoingo: Anyways, a few days until mu cumpleuruguayo.
trinque: how's the cold civil war look from outside the zone?
BingoBoingo: Looks kinda like a coinflip who gets burden of running the shitshow the next 4 years.
trinque: that this place hasn't collapsed yet leads me to believe satan needs better amusements.
BingoBoingo: Sure, Uruguay's just as soviet sad as it was when alf and jfw visited, but... the stories out of old country and every other English speaking country are some wtf shit
trinque: yep, people are going quite insane. it's tangible interacting with them.
trinque: I'm somehow quiet comfortable, if not glad.
BingoBoingo: In April and May when I got in front of the camera and was telling people that I live in the first world and their particular US state is a third world shithole in comparison I was called Delusional.
trinque: *quite
BingoBoingo: By June some people accepted that. Now people get pissed and tell me to fuck off.
trinque: what, you don't know that the stoke-market is at an ATH?
BingoBoingo: Everyone needs whatever hedge they can get against the dollar shitting the bed
trinque: certainly, but those americorps are quite exposed to that dollar
trinque: curious when the fear sets in
trinque: probably when the vaccines don't work, or end up causing horrible autoimmune disorders.
BingoBoingo: Well, folks probably figure the corp will handle the hedging for them
trinque: I'm sort of impressed at the ones picking up btc atm
BingoBoingo: One of the local hospital systems CASMU is getting the russian one. Don't know why mine is going to order yet, but here they are just recycling last year's flu vaccination plan "old people and health workers only the first two weeks, then whoever else wants it"
BingoBoingo: Paypal didn't pick up BTC, it surrendered to BTC
trinque: ah, here they're hyping the mRNA vaccines, and nevermind we've never used those at scale before
trinque: if they're making money doing it, what surrender
BingoBoingo: It's paypal, they had the option to do this for years. Now they are desperately seeking BTC as a hedge for themselves to hold off doom
trinque: eh this is the greatness of the republic in your head.
trinque: if square and paypal are accumulating, *and* bitcoin has any role in the future, then they'll end up way ahead.
trinque: this was the great lie, that the old powers wouldn't just buy the shit when it got interesting.
trinque: ftr I fully expect the state to bludgeon us all with the war machine well before it surrenders to anything.
BingoBoingo: Very likely every English speaking country is going full Ingsoc
BingoBoingo: Not a bad time to be in South America
trinque: mhm
trinque: I expect "digital currency" to have a lot to do with that, too.
BingoBoingo: Really hope the keep the border with Argentina closed here quite a bit longer. That place has really shit the bed
trinque: worse than marxist arsonists, or about on par?
trinque: we're in a lull atm, but the panem ain't coming
trinque: I expect them to get cranky again soon
BingoBoingo: and in the comments
BingoBoingo: they have to order notes printed abroad
BingoBoingo: And their new highest denomination is worth less than their old highest denomination was when MP was down there
trinque: ahaha, straight from BRRRazil
BingoBoingo: And now spain in the comment updating the situation
BingoBoingo: Their president now hates our president
BingoBoingo: Young gringos in the zone tend to really get triggered when I say "My president is 46 and he goes surfing" in response to the Trump or Biden question
BingoBoingo: Older gringos in the zone get really sad when I mention the 1990's
BingoBoingo: By contrast nationalism in Uruguay is at an all time high
BingoBoingo: As fucked as the USSA seems to be, the Brits have it worse
verisimilitude: It's impossible for me to care about my country more than my work. It's silly to even consider it.
verisimilitude: Something I dislike about this year is how it seems every small website is including mentions of ``the pandemic'' or ``the virus'' or ``quarantine'' or whatnot in its articles.
trinque: yes, the Major Issues of the Day
verisimilitude: I know mine opinion on this situation is not only worthless but, because every idiot has decided to have an opinion on it, boring, so my website will remain free of such.
verisimilitude: Well, aren't I the first to mention this particular issue, trinque; that's more interesting than the ``real issues''.
trinque: it's rooted in marketing, or deeper still, democratic ideology, that every slob has something to say on everything.
BingoBoingo back. Just got invited to tell a bunch of English speakers how fucked they are on one of those Japanese thirst trap girl's shows.
BingoBoingo: Told the crowd guns don't mean shit for their freedom if the won't even use them when the government is actively taking their freedom to be outside
trinque: if a bunch of Iraqis can't stand up to the thing in warfare, fat walmart magas haven't a chance.
trinque: their guns are estranged sex toys
trinque: anyhow y'all take care, bed
BingoBoingo: I don't expect to inspire them to use the guns. I expect to make them sad, insecure, and maybe a bit volatile.
verisimilitude: Conveniently, US education elides Waco, MKULTRA, and many of the other instances the government clearly did wrong with impunity.
BingoBoingo: Don't forget COINTEL which makes anything organised inside the US that isn't drug business sketchy
verisimilitude: When I first heard the song that goes ``I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free.'', I'd thought it was an obvious parody.
BingoBoingo: Well, what year was it written?
BingoBoingo: Eh, 1984, so... could have been said with a straight face

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